Unzicker ewes - Early Importation lines

Because Jacob Sheep are a rare breed, we feel it is important to promote the continuation of the various blood lines. By doing this we hope to keep inbreeding at a minimum. One of our goals is to maintain the genetics of some of the Jacobs who were first imported into the United States. Their "purity", of course, is only as pure as were the imported Jacobs. With this in mind, we have attempted to purchase sheep from some of these early importations.

The four flocks from whom we have purchased these sheep have all been closed. Some of these breeders have worked hard to keep inbreeding as low as possible. We traveled to Vermont to purchase sheep from Maizie Hescock (Jacob's Ladder) who imported Jacobs from Scotland in the mid 70's. A part of that group went to Jamie Huntsberger. For seven years, Jamie's sheep had the run of Butter Island, a three hundred acre island off the coast of Maine. In the summer of 2003, we spent several days there rounding up 64 of the 86 head on the island. Some of those sheep are now in our flock.


Unzicker Caroline A054-04
Huntsberger Drummond FF069-03 X Huntsberger Caireann FF066-03

A third flock from which we purchased was the Culloden flock located in Maryland. This flock developed from two bred ewes purchased in the early '80s from the Fieldwood flock.

The other flock from which we bought sheep was the New Hampshire Kisakanari flock owed by Janet Sillars and Brooks McCandlish. Additionally, as opportunities have become known to us, we have purchased individuals whose sires and or dams were entered in the early flock books.

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