Unzicker Ewes and Rams - Maverick/Rockies Lineage

A significant part of our flock has its roots in the Maverick/Rockies flock from Colorado. In addition to several ewes we already had, we bought out the last of that flock in October, 2005. These sheep include the daughter of a Fieldwood ewe, two daughters of a 1989 Puddleduck ram, a daughter of a 1992 Hardy Hill ewe, to name a few. Many of their sires and dams were born in the early 90s. We feel that by adding these genetics to our flock, we can help continue some of the early blood lines. We feel fortunate to have acquired some of the direct descendants of these sheep. Now we are eagerly awaiting lambing season to see what our various pairings produce.

Kreutzer Farms Summer 2 D073-10
Kreutzer Farms Laci X Kreutzer Farms Tulsa
  Unzicker Avalon A012-14
Unzicker Ava x St. Jude's Boutonniere

St. Jude's Crystal FF021-13
Canberra Persephone X St. Jude's Ben Russ

Unzicker Ilene D056-10
Unzicker Ivy C165-03 X Kreutzer Farms Levi D052-08
  Kreutzer Farms Sally A046-14
St. Jude's Salida X Kreutzer Farms Hank
  Unzicker Hope D056-11
Robb Crossing Ranch Heather X Unzicker Jedd
Kreutzer Farms AnnDee E041-15
Kreutzer Farms Millie X Kreutzer Farms Hank
  Unzicker Asa B045-16
Unzicker Avalon X Kreutzer Farm Nick
  Unzicker Caralea A029-15
St. Jude's Crystal X St. Jude's Boutonniere
    Future Ewes    
Unzicker AnnaDale B173-17
Unzicker Ashford x KF AnnDee
  Unzicker Cordelia A092-17
KF Micah X St.Jude's Crystal
  Kreutzer Farms Dedre B158-17
KF Trig X KF Desia
Kreutzer Farms Kya B159-17
KF Trig X KF Krissi
      Unzicker Suzette B153-17
KF Nick X KF Summer ll