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Registered Jacob Sheep

Ivy Brook Meadows is located in southeastern Pennsylvania in historic Bucks County. It is the home of Unzicker Jacobs. We have been members of the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association since 1994. In an effort to maintain diverse breeding lines, we use three or four rams on a flock of 30+ ewes. Present blood lines in our flock include Bryn Gweled, Patchwork, Jacob's Ladder, Kreutzer Farms, Maverick, Puddleduck, St. Jude's, Rockies, Sweetgrass, Hillside, and of course, Unzicker. These lines do include sheep from some of the earliest importations into the United States.

We strive to produce Jacobs with a wide range of characteristics in terms of fleece and coloration, as well as two and four horned sheep. As long as these variations fall within the breed standard, we are happy to have them in our flock. Good mothering instincts are very important to us. Visitors are always welcome.

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Royal & Sue Unzicker
Sellersville, PA



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